In Confinement

Frame from video by Eugenia Balcells

The internationally-recognized artist Eugenia Balcells shares with us a message about our connections to one another, which are made even more important during the COVID-19 crisis.

In Catalán with English subtitles

Text from the video:

Eugenia Balcells reads a fragment of her text “In confinement” in front of her installation UNIVERS. Barcelona, April 23, 2020

…And I am thinking of the arts,
of the need for art, now more than ever.
The need for music, for poetry, for dance,
for theater, for the visual arts,
they all have the power to animate us,
to make us more entirely human.
They can open new windows for us,
they can exercise our imagination to be more creative
to be able to change
and to get out of these dead-end fields,
of obsolete thoughts,
of the you or I, of the cold competition,
of the fierce fight,
of the linear additions and subtractions,
of this hopeless place in which we find ourselves.
The paradox is that in this forced confinement
we feel more fragile and connected than ever;
we feel that we are part of one world,
part of a planet and part of the big cycle of life.
We have to choose well and we have to do it jointly.
We are small points of a large web that vibrates together.

Courtesy and © Eugenia Balcells Foundation