CoCreation Fellowship

Driving innovation in Miami

Talent is a global resource, emerging everywhere, and we have a collective responsibility to identify and develop it for human benefit. Through the CoCreation Fellowship, the Global CoCreation Lab will foster scientific and engineering leadership in Miami.

The CoCreation Lab Fellowship will be an elite appointment for a rare kind of person: one with mastery of a powerful technology and the drive to collaborate with a diverse team to realize its healthcare and economic impact. They are selected because they want—and deserve—great challenges. CoCreation Lab Fellows are expected to lead the development of biomedical technology innovations, and they are given world-class resources to make it possible.

Get involved

Want to become a fellow? Want to support a fellowship? There are many opportunities to play a vital role through the CoCreation Lab Fellowship program. Please write to us at to explore the possibilities.

How it works

The CoCreation Fellowship provides a matrix for multi-stakeholder collaboration that integrates strengths and resources of diverse organizations, so technologies aren’t limited by the capabilities of single labs or businesses. At the center of each project, a CoCreation Fellow drives biomedical innovation, developing the basis of technologies and new enterprises that in turn attract talent and investment.

Fellows are selected for their:

  • deep expertise in technology, medicine, or entrepreneurship,
  • creativity and leadership abilities, and
  • eagerness to inspire and grow productive collaborations across disciplines