Precompetitive collaboration

Miami Innovation Consortium

The Miami Innovation Consortium provides a way to engage organizations in Miami and from around the world in Miami-focused innovation in collaboration with MIT on initiatives of shared strategic value.

The pre-competitive environment GCL creates for members enables them to benefit by pooling resources rather than by dividing them. This framework allows for collaboration in projects that do not define the partners’ individual competitive advantages. Precompetitive pooling created the Japanese ASIC market, the Taiwanese contract manufacturing market, and the Chinese chip foundry market.

Healthcare innovation through entrepreneurship is a moral imperative that is best realized in an environment where resources, knowledge, and experience are collectively pooled for the betterment of a community.

Consortium members:

  • Have a stake and voice in GCL innovation priorities
  • Are provided access to GCL programs including the Healthtech Concentrator, CoCreation Lab Fellowship, and CoLearning Lab
  • Can create early traction for projects and prototypes
  • Can become seed investors, since they have participated in de-risking activities
  • Provide project teams with a low cost environment to test scientific and market hypotheses

Miami Consortium Members

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