Building and preserving the Global CoCreation Lab brand

How we visually express ourselves plays a crucial role in creating great first impressions and building strong relationships. Our visual brand is the gestalt of choices we make when we present ourselves, and it's all our responsibilities to preserve its integrity. 

On this page you'll find all the basic elements of the visual brand. It isn't exhaustive of all possible applications, so if you have any questions or need help, please contact Eric Norman, the communications director, at


The Global CoCreation Lab logo is inspired by Venn diagrams and evokes the many collaborations of separate parties that make it up. The colors are drawn from those of institutions in Miami and Cambridge.


Digital use only

Print use only
EPS file

Email signature

To use the logo in your email signature, visit this document for instructions.


The Global CoCreation Lab color palette has five hues in 4 value levels. 


Our official font is Neue Haas Grotesk for professionally designed applications, and Helvetica in typical desktop applications. Display fonts—special fonts chosen for their expressive design—are acceptable for covers, posters, and other applications with discretion.  

Professional design

Neue Haas Grotesk Text Regular 400

Neue Haas Grotesk Text Bold 700

Neue Haas Grotesk Display Ultra Bold 700
Helvetica regular
Helvetica bold


Cobranding is the practice of associating two branded entities with one another. In Global CoCreation Lab, we have two cobranding scenarios:

  • Master branding for programs that are core operations of the Global CoCreation Lab
  • Endorsed branding for major initiatives and projects that warrant an independent identity. Endorsement branding is exclusive to programs and projects controlled by the Global CoCreation Lab. Exceptions for outside organizations and spin-offs must be approved by GCL executive leadership.


Master branding

  • Program name in Neue Haas Grotesk Bold or Helvetica Bold.
  • Program name cap height to logo cap height ratio 2:3 (e.g., if "C" in "CoCreation" in logo is 20 points tall, then "C" in "CoLearning Lab" should be 30 points tall).
  • Program name is flush left to the "CoCreation / Lab" left margin.

Endorsed branding

  • If the program or project is controlled by Global CoCreation Lab, the logo must be approved by Global CoCreation Lab communications director.
  • "Global CoCreation Lab" word mark must appear with the program brand when the application is outside a Global CoCreation Lab property, e.g., a STEAM event in Miami or on a standalone website for a project.
  • "Global CoCreation Lab" word mark must be at bottom right of program logo; precise scale and position to be determined in collaboration with Global CoCreation Lab communications director.
Master branding examples

CoLearning Lab



Endorsed branding example


Imagery enables us to show what we do and who we work with quickly and with emotional impact. Images can be documentary (showing the people and situations Global CoCreation Lab is involved with) or symbolic (abstract or metaphoric images to illustrate concepts or subjects not possible to capture in a documentary image).

Image selections should:

  • show the full diversity of people and communities found in Miami
  • depict people with empathy and compassion, especially those suffering from disease or injury, or in an otherwise compromised position
  • provide engaging points of view, for example by showing something surprising or unusual, or by putting the viewer in scene
Image Image Image Image Image Image