In Confinement

Frame from video by Eugenia Balcells

The internationally-recognized artist Eugenia Balcells shares with us a message about our connections to one another, which are made even more important during the COVID-19 crisis. In Catalán with English subtitles Text from the video: Eugenia Balcells reads a fragment of her text “In confinement” in front of her installation UNIVERS. Barcelona, April 23, 2020 …And I am thinking of … Read More

Health tech concentrator decoding a matrix of puzzles

Left to right: Dr Mercedes Balcells (MIT), Lourdes Castillo (Global CoCreation Lab), Alejandro Roman (Global CoCreation Lab), and Carlos Migoya (CEO, Jackson Health)

Published in Miami Today, 3 March 2020 Imagine a home with floor sensors that can tell whether a person’s imbalanced gait is indicative of a blood circulation disorder, or a toilet that automatically tests urine for signs of kidney disease or diabetes. One of the two – the toilet – already exists. The other is on its way. Now imagine … Read More

Global CoCreation Lab participates in Miami-Dade County STEAM Expo 2020

Dr Mercedes Balcells, Global CoCreation Program Director, with Jayden Lee-Sin (center) and Justin Puran (right), students at the TERRA Environmental Research Institute.

Delegation mentored student innovators and judged presentations On Saturday February 8, 2020, the Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) held the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) EXPO & Science, Engineering, Communication, Mathematics Enhancement (SECME) Competition at the Miami-Dade College (MDC) North Campus. About 25,000 students, family members, volunteer mentors and judges, and educators participated in the day-long event, which … Read More

Global CoCreation Lab visiting co-teachers give interactive STEM lessons in Miami-Dade public schools

Members of the Global CoCreation team with Miami educators. Left to right: Steve DeSantis (MIT), J. Brown, teacher Henry S. West Laboratory school, Doris Sommer (Harvard), Timothy Johnson (MIT), Cristian Carranza (Miami-Dade County Public Schools), and Aileen Ferrer (Miami-Dade County Public Schools).

One hundred 5th and 6th graders learn about neuroscience, cardiology, and international biomedical research In late January 2020, the new joint initiative between Miami-Dade County and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Global CoCreation Lab, sent a delegation of “co-teachers” into public elementary classrooms to give special lessons in neuroscience, cardiology, and working in international biomedical research.  Monika Colombo, a … Read More