Affinity groups

Organized to unlock potential

Healthcare innovation is fiendishly complex. The path from idea to laboratory to marketplace and patient care is fraught with obstacles. Reliably achieving product-market fit in the health sector—matching problems to solutions and focusing their development to maximize their potential for impact—remains a critical challenge.

To tackle this problem, our co-creation methodology systematically coalesces diverse stakeholders in Affinity Groups to create new healthcare technologies and innovation-based enterprises.

Affinity groups leverage medical and technology strengths across healthcare settings to improve outcomes, increase quality, and reduce cost.

Each Affinity Group comprises projects, which are led by Fellows who attract and coordinate diverse collaborators.


Wellness Home

Our homes are the central scenes in the epic dramas of our lives. Can they also play an active role? Imagine homes that know—even anticipate—when you need special care. Imagine real estate developers collaborating with doctors and technologists to make homes that prevent injury, manage health, and enable dignified aging.

2020 Projects

Detection, prediction and interventions of early depression through AI analysis of smartphones usage signatures.

Wellness Home Integrator
Prototype of the Wellness Home as a commercial product

Quarantine Room
Negative pressure technology to isolate communicable diseases in the home

Detection and prediction of early respiratory infection through AI analysis of cough signatures.

Smart toilet technology to passively monitor health and detect changes that might signal prediabetes, UTI, dehydration, and other conditions

Smart Mirror
Computer vision-enabled mirror to monitor physical and mental health conditions

Filtration system to reduce spread of communicable diseases

Smart fibers in bed sheets applied to continuous monitoring of effective sleep hours


Augmented Care

Health and wellness is a community enterprise. They are managed not only in clinical settings—and not only by doctors. Can we enhance the roles of medical paraprofessionals with technology to improve outcomes and healthcare economics?

2020 Projects

Epithelial cells and virus entry
Triage tool for lung inflamation progonosis

Osseus Ai
Exoskeleton device for remote rehabilitation

Itineris AI
AI-based, smart interoperable assistant for intelligent patient engagement and contextual plan of care management

AI computer vision application for dermatology care

Brain Stimulation and measurement

Cognitive improvement through through brain stimulation

Microfluidic biopsy device that mimics human physiology in ex-vivo tissues

Pharmacogenomics Feature for Patient Compass

Device for sleep apnea management

Integrated breast health monitoring system, bringing together a breast thermal sensor device and a powerful app


Women’s Health

About half the world’s population is not as well understood by science or served by medicine as it should be. It’s time to develop techniques and technologies that make life for women healthier and safer.

2020 Projects

Smart fibers applied to women’s clothing for heart disease monitoring




Deadly chronic kidney diseases affect about 15% of adults in the US—and as many as 9 in 10 don’t even know it until serious damage is already done. Chronic kidney disease also disproportionately affects already vulnerable communities.

2020 Projects

New perfusion technology to extend donor organ life

Smart Membrane
Smart dialysis membrane to filter toxic particles from the bloodstream, with a personalized profile rather than one-size fits all



Project AiM

Miami is rich in data, but not in data sets. Project AiM (Artificial Intelligence in Miami) will create the data infrastructure to attract AI engineers and cocreate along with regional stakeholders a new global hub for AI in Health.
2020 Projects

AI system and hardware to democratize access to AI technologies for solo medical, small practice practitioners, who make 42% of doctors in the United States

Videre AI
Platform solution to minimize healthcare waste

Project AiM: Miami Datasets
Collaborative project between the GCL, MIT IMES, MIT J-Clinic / Protoventures and Data.World to generate Miami-based datasets for AI innovation in health




Combining artificial intelligence and genetic science the Global CoCreation Lab will position Miami as a clinical center of excellence for pharmacogenetics. Basing this work in Miami will expand the scope of genetic medicine to include large but historically disenfranchised populations.
2020 Projects

Pharmacogenomics platform to predict adverse drug effects based on genetic profile




Mental illness and brain traumas are spectres that haunt our aging population and rob our families of health and happiness. Our projects span basic biology to wellness and will position Miami as an R&D contender.
2020 Projects

Precision Medicine microfluidic device that mimics the blood brain barrier as a versatile platform for disease and drug screenings




Infectious diseases are the number one killer in the United States. No silver bullet can provide the necessary defense, but unorthodox collaboration and multidisciplinary innovation can help us respond more quickly and effectively.

2020 Projects

Lung inflammation (COVID-19 related) prediction through epithelial cells analysis

Dessidium Biosciences
Low cost screening to predict resistance to HIV treatment prior to treatment initiation

Pandemic Response
Integrative platform for tracking, testing, tele-triaging, tele-care, home care & smart referral